Life Story Recordings


Waterford In The Late 1940'S

This 90-year-old Waterford lady shares a memory of flying down Bunker's Hill on the back of a bike and the joy of a sixpenny chip after her day's work.

Manchester During The Battle Of Britain

This gentleman talks about his earliest childhood memory -  hearing the sound of a Luftwaffe German plane overhead as he lay in his pram in Manchester c 1940. This interview was recorded remotely using Zoom.

Growing Up In Irish Street, Enniscorthy

Kathleen remembers her childhood games, played on Irish Street, Enniscorthy and the many characters that lived there at the time. 

Memories Of Christmas In Mullingar

Mullingar in the 1950s was filled with joy and excitement at Christmastime. This man recalls the festive traditions in the town where he grew up as a young boy.

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