Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any queries you may have about our service but here are some frequently asked questions which you may find helpful.

What will we talk about in the interview?

The Treasure Vox will carefully plan your interview, based on the information you provide us with beforehand. What do YOU want to talk about?Generally, you will be asked about your family tree, your parents and grandparents, where you grew up, your school and childhood days, teenage years, jobs you had, meeting your life partner, your family, your philosophy on life and words of wisdom for the next generation. During the interview, we will prompt you with questions and guide you through the process. This is YOUR story so we want it to feel like more of a chat than an interview.

What will happen on the day of recording?

We will travel to your home  to do the interview. We will need a little time beforehand to set up recording equipment in a room that is quiet with no background noise.  When you’re ready and sitting comfortably, we’ll begin the interview and  talk for a couple of hours. We usually ask people to set aside three hours for the whole thing and of course breaks for a cuppa or the bathroom will be necessary. Photographs will be taken on the day to mark the occasion. If you are recording via Zoom, a sound-check will be carried out beforehand to ensure best quality audio sound.

Who owns the Copyright of the life story interview?

The interview subject owns the copyright of the interview and can share with family and friends. The audio is for private use only and not intended for public broadcast (including social media) or resale.

The Treasure Vox conducts the interview on their behalf, we deliver the interview files to the person who booked the interview (the Customer or “you”), but the personal information disclosed is owned by the person being interviewed, aka the interview subject. The interview subject will have the right to request amendments to the edit before final approval. There is a short consent form signed by the interview subject before the interview commences that outlines this.

The audio is for private use only and not intended for public broadcast (including social media) or resale.

What will be edited/ removed from my interview?

The Treasure Vox allows you to tell all aspects of your life story, not just the good parts. However, The Defamation Act 2009 is applied to all The Treasure Vox edited recordings. Any harmful and serious defamatory statements made that would damage a person's reputation,  without evidence of truth, will be edited out as standard cautionary procedure.

Any ongoing legal matters discussed in an interview will be removed from The Treasure Vox final edit.




Will The Treasure Vox share my interview?

No. The Treasure Vox will only hold your interview for one month after sign-off incase you require any further edits. This can only be requested by the Customer or the interview subject. The Treasure Vox will never distribute copies of your interview to any other party. From time to time, The Treasure Vox may seek your permission to share a short sample audio clip of your interview (approx 2 mins) to use on web and social media/ marketing/ radio interview platforms. After one month, your files are permanently deleted from The Treasure Vox system. 

What about payments and cancellation policy?

The Treasure Vox uses PayPal and Revolut currently to accept payment. To book a recording slot, 50% of the price is payable immediately. The remaining 50% is payable up to or on the day of recording.  For Gift Vouchers - payment of the full and total amount is payable upon purchase.

The Treasure Vox will always work with you to reschedule interviews as we know things happen, especially with our loved ones if they are elderly or unwell. If there has been a sudden and unforeseen event within our standard 3-day cancellation period, please call and talk to us. Interviews can be cancelled and/or rescheduled by the Customer with no penalty any time up to 3 days (72 hours) before the scheduled Interview time. The Treasure Vox may also need to cancel/ reschedule/ due to unforeseen circumstances.  For cancellations made by the Customer: If the Interview cannot be rescheduled then a FULL REFUND is given for cancellations within 72 hours of the appointment. For cancellations made by The Treasure Vox If the Interview cannot be rescheduled then a full refund is provided.


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