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My Story

My name is Karen Tomkins. I am a broadcast journalist based in Enniscorthy, Co Wexford. I have worked in radio for over 17 years, working with WLR, South East Radio, Newstalk, Today FM, RTÉ Junior Radio and RTÉ Radio One. I have interviewed thousands of people for a living and I love helping them to tell their story. My documentaries on fertility, gender-identity and the breakfast radio show I co-hosted were all shortlisted for IMRO/ PPI National Radio Awards. I won the 2020, 2021 and 2022 Gold IMRO Radio Awards for my audio story series for children on WLRfm. The same series, Big Breakfast Little Stories, was awarded a Finalist Diploma at the New York Festivals Radio Awards 2022 and I was a finalist at the Irish Podcast Awards 2022.

I believe that everybody has a story to tell, not just politicians and high-profile public figures and that's why I set up The Treasure Vox. I use my experience and skills as a news journalist and documentary-maker to turn your life story into a personal audio documentary - just like something you'd expect to hear on the radio - but it's just for you - your very own legacy and a cherished family heirloom.


I am a broadcast journalist based in Co Wexford. I have worked in radio for over 15 years, as a presenter, news broadcaster, documentary maker, producer, writer and editor. In my spare time, I am married with three children and a dog. 

When my late grandmother turned 80 in 2011, I didn't know what to buy her as a birthday gift. Instead, I decided to record her life story and turn it into a personal audio documentary. 

I believe that everybody has a story worth telling. The Treasure Vox is a way of honouring and validating a person's life and helping them tell their story so far.


Nominated - Best Breakfast Show, WLRfm PPIs 2012

Nominated - A Fertile Plan, South East Radio - IMRO Radio Awards 2018

Nominated - The Birth of Laylah, South East Radio - IMRO Radio Awards 2019

Gold - Big Breakfast Little Stories, WLRfm - IMRO Radio Awards 2020

Gold - Big Breakfast Little Stories, WLRfm - IMRO Radio Awards 2021

Gold - Big Breakfast Little Stories, WLRfm - IMRO Radio Awards 2022

Finalist - Big Breakfast Little Stories - New York Festivals Radio Awards 2022


Every family has a great storyteller - the gatekeeper to your family history - a link to your past and a voice for future generations.

Too often, people tell me they regret not recording their parents/grandparents telling their story when they were alive. With them, details of stories, memories and pieces of family history can be lost.

The Treasure Vox captures those memories and stories forever, spoken by the voices of those who know them best.

Editing the recorded material into an audio documentary style brings your life story to a professional level for you and your loved ones to enjoy listening to and treasure forever.


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Life Story Recordings


Give the gift of a lifetime

The Treasure Vox  - How It Works

The first step in creating your documentary is finding out a little bit about you. Who are YOU? Where did you grow up? Who were your parents? What was your first job? Pre-interview questions can be done over the phone or via email. Sometimes, family members will provide the details about the person being recorded so that I will know where to direct my questions on the day of recording.

Recording takes 2-3 hours approximately. I can come to your home or record remotely over Zoom. You just need a good internet connection and a smart phone, tablet or laptop to record remotely. A studio-quality microphone will be provided if you need it. I will guide the in-depth interview but it will feel like more of a chat - have a cup of tea, a browse through old photos and tell me your memories. I use professional broadcast equipment and software programs to capture quality audio and great sound. 

The editing process is where I apply my production skills to transform your interview into a one-hour professional polished documentary. Your story will be weaved together with narration, sound effects, story arcs and production music throughout. I will use the best pieces from your interview to ensure your story is conveyed in a clear way that captures your memories, your voice and your character. Full production is applied - scripting, recording and inserting professional narration, optimal sound editing suite and re-ordering your interview to fit the story flow. This process has a turnaround of 7-8weeks after recording.

I will then send you the first draft of your audio documentary. This is where you get to become the editor - making a list of any changes, additions or omissions you'd like before sign-off on the finished work. I will then package your documentary onto a USB flash drive presented in a personalised engraved wooden treasure chest box.

Your life story, your family heirloom, your Treasure Vox is ready!

Waterford In The Late 1940'S

This 90-year-old Waterford lady shares a memory of flying down Bunker's Hill on the back of a bike and the joy of a sixpenny chip after her day's work.

Manchester During The Battle Of Britain

This gentleman talks about his earliest childhood memory -  hearing the sound of a Luftwaffe German plane overhead as he lay in his pram in Manchester c 1940. This interview was recorded remotely using Zoom.

Growing Up In Irish Street, Enniscorthy

Kathleen remembers her childhood games, played on Irish Street, Enniscorthy and the many characters that lived there at the time. 

Memories Of Christmas In Mullingar

Mullingar in the 1950s was filled with joy and excitement at Christmastime. This man recalls the festive traditions in the town where he grew up as a young boy.

The ideal gift for a loved one


The Treasure Vox life story recording is a truly personal, unique and lasting gift. It's a celebration of your loved ones and a way to honour them and preserve their story.

Milestone birthdays - An ideal gift for a 70th, 80th, 90th or any special birthday.

Weddings & anniversaries - Telling the story of a couple and their paths to finding each other.

A Moment In Time- Maybe your child couldn't have a family gathering for their christening, communion, confirmation or other occasion. Create a special compilation of messages and stories as a keepsake for them from the people who couldn't be there.

A life legacy - The Treasure Vox has recorded with people who are terminally ill and want to leave behind a valuable legacy for their family.                        

Remembering a loved one - Celebrate the life of a deceased loved one by telling their story. Invite other family members and the friends who knew and loved them to take part in the recording.   

Business & community recordings - Celebrating 50 years in business? A record year for your local tennis or GAA  club? The Treasure Vox can produce a specially commissioned documentary to mark anyoccasion. Distribution and copyright policies apply.                        

what customers say about The Treasure Vox


It was a delight to work with Karen in The Treasure Vox. She was very responsive and worked around our needs. We did two recordings- one with my dad and one with my uncle. She put them at ease, was a great questioner and listener and captured their life stories perfectly. It was a really positive experience and we have wonderful memories and life stories captured for the family for ever. Would highly recommend.

- The Treasure Vox customer

The Treasure Vox is a truly special gift for anyone. It keeps family stories and memories alive. Karen is great from the initial phone call with her I felt she was going to make my dad feel very comfortable with whole process. The end product is amazing and truly is a treasure to have. Such a great experience and I could not recommend Karen highly enough.


I reached out to Karen to find out about Treasure Vox for my 82 year old dad. The process was very simple from start to finish. Karen was great at keeping dad to the storyline (he tends to go off on a history tangent) She arrived at his house and was very easy to chat to so much do he didn’t realize the time passing! I’m absolutely over the moon with my story, I learned a few new stories about my Mam, I’d never heard before. If your thinking of doing this for someone you live. Don’t hesitate … just book it ! My siblings and I are so grateful we have dads life story recorded. It really is a TREASURE. Thank you Karen from the bottom of our hearts xx.


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